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Our Culture

GETO is a young company, founded in 2009. But our competence and drive have been created over several decades before that. Our roots are in big industrial corporations with electronics companies like SIEMENS. From those roots was GETO born as a company.

We use our product knowledge to provide a much deeper service to our customers. Their products are complex and the product life cycles are considerably long. Our customers understand that they cannot manage this complexity in so many market segments over long periods of service needed. This is where we provide a valuable partnership. And that is why we call GETO an EMS company with a clear focus on industrial business.

"Our GETO values are the basis of our daily business from customers to business partners to suppliers. Thanks to our values, they know how we work, they know what we value, and they can trust us as a solid partner in the partnership.

The interpretation of GETO values of course is not static, but is linked to the changes in our environment and our markets. Nevertheless, they remain its core.”

GETO’s Values


We actively seek better understanding of customers business and their needs. We understand the urgency to fulfill customer requirements. We work continuously for building long term partnerships.


We believe in listening, open dialogue and constructive feedback, based on respect for other people and different cultures. We create a culture of openness and trust.


We conduct our business based on mutual trust, reliability, transparency and accountability for our actions. We support each other to take and manage broader responsibilities. We act with integrity and in compliance with law.


We base our success on professional expertise and outstanding performance. We together create an environment that secures the achievement of our ambitious business targets and personal growth.


We are always ready to challenge ourselves, in order to learn, renew and improve. We value creativity, new ideas and adaptability.


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