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  • DEK HORIZON 03iX Printer
  • DEK HORIZON 01i Printer
    High Speed Flexible (from high-mix to high-volume, including 0201 and CSP packages) Stencil Printer
  • DEK HORIZON 01iX Printer

  • SAMSUNG SM431 Pick & Place
    High speed chip shooter with 2 gantries and 16 heads and achieves high productivity while requiring a minimum of space. Can place a variety of different chips, from the basic 0402chip up to 12 mm IC parts, 42K CPH placing speed.
  • SAMSUNG SM320 Pick & Place
    High Speed Flexible Mounter with 6 placement heads, placing wide range of components from 0402 to 75mm square, 18K CPH placing speed
  • SAMSUNG SM411 Pick & Place
    High placement speed chip of 42K CPH. High accuracy placement of 50 microns at high speed, it allows placement of parts from the smallest 0402 chip to 14mm IC part.
  • SAMSUNG SM421 Pick & Place
    High Speed Flexible Mounter with 6 spindles and 1 gantry, placing wide range of components from 0603 ship to 22mm, 21K CPH placing speed
  • SAMSUNG DECAN F2 Pick & Place
    High-speed chip mounters, with a new flying head mechanism with 2 sets of 10 spindles in its class. 80K CPH placing speeds. Capable of 01005 components up to 42mm square devices and boasting a component height of 15mm
    Reflow Oven with 9 heating zones and 3 cooling zones
  • HELLER 1707 EXL Reflow
    Forced Convection Reflow Oven, 7 zones (Top and Bottom), Lead Free Approved
    Convection Reflow Oven, 10 heating zones, 2 cooling zones, nitrogen ready, Lead Free Approved
  • HELLER 1809 MK III Reflow
    Convection Reflow Oven. 18 Independent Temperature Controlled “Lead Free” Heating Zones
  • Size limitations - down to 0201 components.
  • Fine pitch - down to 0.33 mm.
  • Solder paste reflow.
  • SMT glue.


  • Veronica Delta Wave Model 6622CC Lead Free Wave Solder System
    Infeed and Outfeed, Conveyors, Spray Fluxer, 800 mm Preheating Zone, Combi Wave, Νitrogen Atmosphere Cooling Zones
  • Kirsten Jet K5360D Soldering System 
    Lead Equipped, Flexible – high mix and high, volume, Production capacity up to 72 frames/h, Fine pitch and fine line technology
  • Three manual soldering lines
  • Weller soldering equipment
  • Depanelling equipment



Our AOI stations offer superior fault coverage and are able to inspect all components optically for placement (absence and presence), value, orientation, type, color differences, soldering, short circuits, and dry joints. This is the most cost effective way for API EMS to inspect all populated printed circuit boards.

  • Orbotech VT S22 line
    equipped with repairing station
  • Koh Young Zenith 3D
    Measures true profilometric shape on assembled PCB’s. Uses true 3-dimensional measurement. Overcomes the shortcomings and vulnerabilities of 2D AOI. 
    Features: True measurement of the 3rd dimension, Flags and quantifies all defects, Intuitive programming using 3D measurement, Total IPC 610 Compliance Solution, The Perfect Warp Compensation Solution


  • Takaya APT820S

The Takaya APT-820S is a flying probe test (ICT) system for detection of manufacturing defects on small and medium-sized printed circuit boards designated for today's cutting edge products. The APT-820S is a flying probe test system for detection of manufacturing defects on small and medium-sized printed circuit boards designated for today's  cutting edge products. Even with just 2 independently moving probes, the tester can achive a high-speed inspection similar to other testers with 3 or more moving probes and  has a marked ability to detect faulty placement of SMT components and SHORT/OPEN failure reliably. In addition, the tester is cost effective and is highly-miniaturized to be  placed in tight spaces. The tester is ideally suited for low volume production, high board mix prototype applications, low-value-added products as well as process checking for  nominal value following the pick and place machines.

Applications include:

  • Inspection of high density & fine-pitch SMT boards (due to access problems for bed-of-nails tester)
  • Inspection of low-volume of prototype boards
  • Inspection of industrial boards manufactured under the high quality assurance standards
  • Inspection of high mixed assembly products which manufacturing quantity and time frequently change
  • 100% inspection by a In-line test system for the boards with relatively less components
  • 100% inspection by multiply In-line test systems for low and medium production volume batches
  • Process control test following the pick and place machines
  • Random sampling test in mass production line (for quality assurance)
  • Inspection of low volume and long life products
  • Inspection of additional production (after the product is discontinued)
  • Inspection of specific area on the boards where they have higher rate of assebly faults
  • Inspection of the assembly faults (i.e. SHORT/OPEN error by micro-solder) that AOI are hard to detect.
  • Analysis of the faulty boards that failed functional test
  • Analysis of the faulty boards returned for repair


The Select Coat SL-940 Conformal Coating System conformal coating machine provides the highest productivity and quality for your automated coating processes.


  • High-speed, high-accuracy coating system delivers higher productivity
  • Powerful process controls ensure coating quality, such as Laser Fan Width Control that automatically adjusts for viscosity variations during the coating process
  • Advanced monitoring provides traceability
  • Programming is made easier with the optional camera and pattern recognition system
  • Downdraft ventilation provides an efficient path for VOC removal
  • Designed with stainless steel surfaces, the system is easy to clean and resistant to strong agents
  • Integrated electronic controls and software for a wide variety of Nordson Asymtek applicators.

Wave Soldering

  • Delta Wave 6622 CC

Lead Free Equipped, Infeed and Outfeed Conveyors, Spray Fluxer, 1800 mm Preheating Zone, Combi Wave, Nitrogen Atmosphere, Cooling Zones

  • Kirsten Modula Wave (Double System)

Lead Equipped, Flexible – high mix and high volume, Production capacity up to 72 frames/h, Fine pitch and fine line technology


  • IR Preheater
  • BGA Rework Station
  • Depanelling
  • Cable tooling
  • 5 MS Lines assure the Manual Soldering
  • Assembly Manual Process and Box-build assemblies
  • Cabling
  • Crimping
  • EOL Testing
  • Laser Marking
  • Tampon Printing

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