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PCB Assembly Prototype

Prototype PCB Assembly is our specialty. With our professional soldering technicians, SMT process Engineers and component procurement specialists we can provide an affordable highly flexible assembly process with fast turnaround.

We handle prototype assembly quantities from 1 to 25 boards. This service lets you get complex designs built for testing without worrying about electronic assembly workmanship. Our proto assembly area has a unique layout design that allows flexible mixing of automated and manual part loading stations. We can also easily handle the fine pitch components and BGAs for high density FR-4 boards.

PCB assembly is our core business, even in the prototype stage. With our expertise and resources we do everything for you from PCB prototyping, component purchasing and circuit board assembly under one roof. We can also assemble from kitted parts if you prefer.

Avoid the hassle of sourcing PCB components and focus on your design instead! Our procurement team will deal with as many component distributors as is needed to fulfill the procurement task in the best possible way! We will optimize the choice of packaging (cut tape, tube, bulk, etc.) versus quantity in smaller BOMs to lower total cost. We have the ability to cross reference parts including hard finding and obsoleting items. We always purchase the part numbers and manufacturers specified in your BOM, there is no danger of part quality issues caused by substitutions. We never change your design. Part substitutions require prior approval.

The total Turn-Key price will be the sum of the labor assembly cost, bare PCB cost and components cost. Instant online quotes for prototype boards and prototype assembly are available. You can estimate the "PCB + Assembly" cost in seconds. The component prices will be our cost from Digi-Key, Mouser, Avnet, Arrow, Future, Newark or a specified distributor. We don't charge any handling fee.

We understand on-time delivery is very important. PCB manufacturing is started as soon as parts procurement is processed. We will review Engineering questions and component issues with you before the assembly job is started. The Turn-Key circuit board assembly usually takes 2 weeks; less if there are no hard-to-find parts or documentation errors.

How to get an official quote before placing your order:

To get a proto assembly quote, we need the following files:

  • BOM List
  • Gerber files
  • Quantities to build

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