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PCB Assembly Low Volume

Low volume PCB Assembly means a small quantity of circuit board assemblies (25 to 5000 boards) with DFM and DFT. GETO offers PCB Assembly service in low volumes including parts procurement and final assembly.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) should be considered in low volume board assembly.

We will review your documentation for any possible Engineering concerns in your Gerber files, BOMs, assembly drawings and circuit diagrams. As a Assembly solution provider, we will handle panelizing your PCBs to lower costs and facilitate the assembly process.

We will recommend a solder mask opening to get a high yield rate while preventing solder bridging. We will also thoroughly check your parts list against your PCB files and seek clarification from you before we order parts. This avoids wasting your money and delaying delivery of your boards.

Similarly, Design for Test (DFT) should be involved in your circuit designing job, even for low volume board assembly. Various probe models, fixture styles and tester limitation notes are available to support you. You will have our professional guidelines on how to distribute the test points across the PCB after reviewing your test procedure. We can fulfill your test requirements by following your troubleshooting guidelines, diagnostic tests, and associated documentation to get your boards fully tested.

We have various ways to get your low volume assembly job risk free. In our Turn-Key service, all the printed circuit boards must be electrically tested. A few assembled PCB boards can be sent to you for testing before building the rest. X-ray inspection is available to check BGA and leadless part assembly quality. We are able to resolve any possible assembly issues before shipment.

We take reducing costs seriously for low volume orders. NRE and stencil charges will be waived for repeat orders. We reduce your per-part cost by shopping each part number with the major distributors and choosing quantities to get the lowest per-part price. We have built strong relationships with major suppliers in the USA and other countries to keep part purchasing cost competitive without sacrificing quality. We guarantee that you will get the best combination of PCB Turn-Key service quality, price and delivery.


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