Specializing in Custom Electronic Design (CED) and Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), our objective is to help you go on to the market successfully. We understand that every customer is unique and requires special attention.

    • You would like to construct an industrial automation application for your company?
    • You are looking for an electronic service provider for PCB development and manufacturing services?
    • You would like to outsource your electronics manufacturing department?
    • You do not want to build up your own electronic manufacturing department?
    • You have a short-term capacity problem?
    • You have only an idea and you are looking for someone to realize, develop and produce your idea for you?
    • You would like to launch a competitive product?

    Then, we are the ideal partner for you!


    GETO is an EMS company specializing in custom electronics and PCB Assembly. It  is located in the city of Thessaloniki in the northern part of Greece with the production site in Bulgaria. Our company designs and manufactures custom electronic applications and automations for a variety of industrial customers.

    GETO is formed by experienced executives that worked in different fields of the electronic manufacturing sector; they brought their knowledge together to create a dynamic new company where our clients will be able to enjoy high quality services.

    We feel highly obliged not only to our customers, but also to our suppliers and to the public. The relationship with our suppliers shall be achievement-oriented, reliable and durable.


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