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Project Management


Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives.

GETO is capable in managing the complete development of your product, which will be a special custom application, from the initial idea to its final production.

We work together with our customers from concept to final production, providing you with all the services you need to bring a new product to market in the shortest possible time. We put together recommend design techniques and component solutions which deliver products cost-effectively for our customers.

Since, the development of a new electronic application is a very complex, time consuming and costly process our primary concern is to achieve all of the project objectives while honoring the project constraints such as scope, time and budget. In order to optimize your project scheduling a certain procedure is being followed.


  • Initiation Stage
    In this stage, the initial idea is being analyzed and according with the customer‘s requirements, the specifications of the new product are set. Also, a financial analysis of the cost and expected benefits including a budget is being derived.
  • Design stage
    After the initiation stage, the product is designed. A small prototype of the final product is built and tested. In co-operation with the customer several changes in design can be made in order to ensure that the final product will meet the specifications and achieve the project goals and objectives.
  • Manufacturing stage
    Manufacturing consists of the processes used to complete and put into the production, the design that was defined in the previous stage
  • Monitoring
    Monitoring consists of those processes performed to observe project manufacturing so that potential problems can be quickly identified and corrective action can be taken, when necessary. The key benefit is that project performance is observed and measured regularly to identify variances from the project management plan.


With the majority of your product development requirements provided by us your project manager will be on site throughout the project to:

  • Ensure tasks are being completed in accordance with the development plan
  • Organize and host review and sub program review meetings in accordance with the development plan
  • Minute the review meetings in line with your industry standards and update the development plan in accordance with the minutes actions and dates
  • Obtain various samples as required.
  • Organize the production of prototypes
  • Organize the testing of prototypes
  • Control Project Budgets
  • Workup Production Unit Costs
  • Keep you up to date with development


At GETO our dedicated Project Manager will create or assist you to create your product development plan. With you, together with our project team, they will implement that plan, keep it up to date and issue it, controlled in accordance with your industry requirements, filing previous issues, so that you have a comprehensive design history.

Phases to be considered for inclusion on a design plan may include:

  • Feasibility studies.
  • Collate Design Input
  • Write Product Specification
  • Specific design processes required i.e. Schematic Design, Mechanical Design, Software development, PCB layout.
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Assembly Training
  • Performance Test
  • Functionality Test
  • Host Software Test
  • Embedded Firmware
  • Verifications.
  • Verify Safety and Performance Prototype
  • Verify compatibility within the environment and of the devices.
  • Validation / Trials
  • Conformance Test
  • Develop Test Procedure
  • User Manual
  • Technical File
  • Risk Assessments
  • Accessories
  • Installation
  • Servicing
  • Product Validation Batch
  • Total Program Reviews
  • Sub Program Reviews of each design phase.
  • Production planning


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