PCB Assembly

    PCB Assembly

    We offer full and partial PCB Assembly Services. In full PCB Assembly Services, we handle everything including ordering PCBs and components, quality inspection and final assembly. In partial PCB Assembly Services, you can order the PCBs and partial or all components; we will fix the remaining parts for you. We provide personalized service, quality processes, and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, including:
    • SMT Assembly. High Speed SMT components production process using full automated production lines offers high quality PCB Assembly services, Single and Double Sided
    • THT AssemblyTHT process with Wave Soldering.
    • Manual soldering process.
    • Inspection & Testing
    • Manual Optical inspection following IPC 610D Standard.
    • Final product Functional Automatic Test (FATE) according to the customer‘s requirements. The functional tester device could be provided by the customer or can be developed by us according to the customer‘s specifications.
    • Cabling and crimbing process.
    • Quality Control
    • Fine Pitch 0201 Component Placement
    • BGA & Micro BGA (Ball Grid Array)
    • Product packaging according to your needs.
    • Full Turnkey procurement and material management.
    • Delivery on scheduled dates at your target cost.
    • RoHS Compliant Assembly
    • Final Product Assembly (Box Build)
    • 100% Material Procurement, 100% Consigned Material Management, or a Mix of Both


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